Ways to Protect Your Gaming Consoles and Gear

Ways to Protect Your Gaming Consoles and Gear

Video games are more than just playthings for kids that they use to pass their time or for fun. For many people gaming consoles, gaming computers and accessories are very important and many people consider gaming as a full-time job or a way of earning money and fame. Gamers around the world are known for their ultimate gaming skills and performance online and offline and even in competitions. Popular gamers like Jaedong, Jonathan Wendel, Moon, Patrik Lindberg and many others are admired by their fan who follow their gameplays on YouTube, Twitch and other streaming platforms.

One of the things that these guys take care of the most is their gaming gear and gaming consoles and computers and take care of them. They also take care of their gaming gear and try to upgrade them as well. For them, this is more like an investment they make to improve the quality of their game and their video streaming for the fans as well. One of the best things to do is to look for protective items for your games online. To get this done, you can use CenturyLink’s internet and the CenturyLink internet plans that will help you a lot. Let’s have a lot at the different ways to keep your gaming consoles, gear and accessories and improve your gameplay.

Ways to Store Your Console

No matter you have different video game consoles or systems and you need to take a break from your gaming routine and activities, you need to store away the console by using the following measures:

You can start off with the storage process by cleaning it gently with a dry cloth to dust your console. Be very careful with the vent grills and the area where you have the input and output plugs. You can lift and wipe off the dust but make sure you don’t force things while going deeper into the console.

Use proper packaging and if it is possible save the original packaging that you get from the manufacturers as well. You can find foam inserts and different kinds of plastic bags and you can repack your gaming console for safety and storage.

Make sure you provide sufficient cushioning and if you think you don’t have the original box or packaging material, you can use a cardboard or a plastic bin that is a little larger than your console. If you find a bubble wrap or dish towel to cushion the console or gaming equipment use it when it is in storage.

The packaged gaming console or computer should be stored in a cool dry place like a self-storage unit or any other facility where it can stay dry and cool. There shouldn’t be any excessive heat, cold, or moisture as it can damage your console’s electronic components

Ways to Store Your Game Controllers

Your gaming console or computer is just a box without gaming controllers and these add-on devices can help you play games and should always with your console as well. If you have an authentic gaming console or computer packaging and there is space to place these controllers then this can be the best thing to do for you. Let’s see how this can help you secure your gaming controllers:

If you have corded controllers then the best practice is to remove or wrap your cords. For the wired controllers, you can have a look at the models you use and avoid getting them tangled at all times. Tangled wires can damage the cord if they are stored for a long time.

If you have a protective sleeve to secure controllers, you can keep the controllers safe from dust and any kind of debris. One of the best practices is to use a vented plastic bag for that or wrap the controller in a cloth made of cotton.

If you have your controller’s packaging then it is a good idea to use that packaging or box to store your controllers else use some other kind of box or a small bag to do so. Also, make sure that you place your controllers near your console if you don’t have a box of the same size or the box provided to you by the manufacturer.

You can also think about taping the edge of the controller’s bag or the packaging to the console’s box.

Ways to Store Your Games

If you have more than one video games to play and enjoy at home or if you always find yourself switching your game’s disc or use a downloaded version of the game, you need to make sure that you have an adequate storage solution so that you can enjoy your games for a long time.

If you think that you won’t be able to use your discs at the moment or anytime sooner, you can safely store them in some kind of safe storage unit. But make sure that you clean the games by gently wiping the discs using a soft and clean cloth. Wipe the exterior of the disc cases as well.

You should also protect discs in casings or packaging provided by the manufacturer. If you have one, it is good, if not then get a generic blank case online or a gaming accessories shop.

Final Thoughts

In the end, it is a recommendation that one should store games in a cool place that has low moisture and low-light. One of the best solutions is to go for a storage unit or a suitable place or room within your home. This way you will be able to enjoy playing games for a long time.

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