What Does a Game Server Do?

What Does a Game Server Do?

When you set a multiplayer game on a client-server, you are playing and hosting the server simultaneously. The gaming server has a complicated setup and needs high levels of resources. Therefore, we may face some performance issues such as lag, high loading time, crashes, lost saved games, and dropped games.

Instead of client servers, we can hire VPS gaming servers from Routerhosting. In continuation, we tell you about game servers, VPS hosting, and how you can find the best option we offer.

What is a Game Server?

VPS game server are suitable for multiplayer video games. This technology enables multiple users to have remote and online games. With gaming hosts, the server is capable of transmitting enough data. These data are from the internal states of the server; it allows connected clients to maintain their accurate version of the game. These servers are capable of displaying the world of the game from each user.

A VPS gaming server is a server that hosts video games for users. This kind of VPS server can offer you a fast, stable, and reliable connection to the favorite online games.

VPS servers offer more processing power and more resources like RAM and hard dick than other client servers. Instead of VPS, you can hire a fully dedicated server with astronomical prices. But with a VPS server, you can run your game community at a low cost and with enough resources.

What is VPS

VPS is short for a virtual private server that is similar to your server and computer. You can set it any way you want. VPS is helpful when you want to play some online multiplayer games, and you need a private server. You can gain this capability by ordering the VPS. It’s so much cheaper than full dedicated servers but can supply your need to some levels of resources.

How Do We Choose the Best Game VPS Hosting?

In the market, we can see lots of hosting providers that serve customers with these services. Which one should we choose?

It’s rational to find a low-cost service along with high quality. But what is quality?

The provider should serve reliable and stable hosting with the maximum feasible uptime.

No one doesn’t likes to have a server with long frequent downtimes.

The provider should be apparent, and there shouldn’t be any extra increase in costs.

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A movement started back in 2008. Routerhosting made Hosting services more accessible and more affordable. First, router hosting started its career by providing dedicated servers to the customers. Now in 2021, we offer you more progressive and cheap virtual dedicated servers. VPS offers you a dedicated part of a server with no competition in resources.

Clients can use VPS in several means. Sometimes you need an affordable server to have enough processing and performance power in the forex market; here, we need fast servers to accept a trade. Another application of VPS is a game server. Sometimes your game community may be about 20 to 30 users. In this case, it’s not reasonable to rent a fully dedicated server because it’s costly. Client servers cannot host and play simultaneously, so it’s better to hire a VPS hosting server.

In Routerhosting, We Offer You Four Package of Game Hosting:

Raging Machine

6 CPU cores

15 GB of memory

250 GB NVME/SSD storage

10 TB bandwidth

1 Gbps connection

Our Best Offer:

4 cores CPU

8 GB memory

140 GB NVME/SSD storage

7 TB bandwidth

1 Gbps connection


2 cores CPU

4 GB memory

60 GB NVME/SSD storage

5 TB bandwidth

1 Gbps connection


2 cores CPU

2 GB memory

30 GB NVME/SSD storage

3 TB bandwidth

1 Gbps connection